The 21 Day Program

(21 Day Get What You Want - Body-Mind-Spirit - Diet)

What you think you want from life may not be what you need. Here is a simple way to achieve what is right for you. I call it the 21 Day "Get What You Want Body-Mind-Spirit " Diet. This diet (like a good chiropractic twist that aligns your spine) aligns your unconscious and conscious intuition to reveal to you what you need rather than what you think you want. This harmonizes the unconscious and conscious mind to accept and perceive new choices. This does not mean you just do affirmations. This can work for anything you desire to happen for you in your life.

Have a binder or tablet that you will consistently write on for the 21 days. Have it by your bed and do it in the morning or the night. You must write something every day. It doesn't matter if it’s a sentence a paragraph or a couple of pages. This must be done for 21 days straight, if you miss a day you must start over and sometimes the 21 Day Program needs to be done several times. These writings come from your subconscious and unconscious mind. Please do not try and understand it, just keep writing whatever comes out of your mind. You will find that what you think you want, is not necessarily what you need. Trust in the process.


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"I met the man that was to be my husband one day after I took Toni's workshop"


Mary Elizabeth

"I used Toni Attell's 21 Day Program - twice!  I have used Toni's services for several different things. First, I used her hypnosis to help me relax before my exams at UCLA and passed with flying colors.  Then I used her 21 Day Program program twice in order to find an agent for my acting career - which happened almost immediately, which I know is rare in this business.  I did it a second time to find a boyfriend because I've been so busy with school and my career that I didn't have time to date.  I now have a great boyfriend and the beginning of a wonderful career!"

Crystal Smith





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